Pay Awards


'When I was first introduced to Offshore Payroll+HR, I was sceptical about its capabilities. Having worked in payroll for over 6 years, and having used several other software packages, I had my favourite in mind to bring into the company I had just joined. However, as the weeks progressed it became increasingly clear that the Offshore Payroll+ was capable of doing what I wanted it to do, and, in many cases, it had features that a lot of other payroll systems do not offer.

After having used the system now for six months, I wouldn't use any other payroll software. The product is easy to use and can be adapted to the organisation with relative ease but, for me especially, the support is exceptional. A first-class product.'
Andy – Trust & Company Administration
'We initially approached Offshore Payroll after advice from our Accountants and were immediately struck by its ease of use.
We have had relatively few queries but experience has shown we receive the same fast and professional response each time.'
Deborah – Vet Practice
'We decided to change our payroll system due to a number of concerns with the existing system.

We have been delighted with Offshore Payroll - it has fully addressed all of our concerns, it is much easier to use, and it has provided additional benefits which are proving extremely useful within the business.

The implementation was problem-free and we have developed an excellent ongoing relationship with Offshore Payroll.'
David – Manufacturing
'For us Offshore Payroll is a small application that has delivered a big improvement in our HR administration. It has removed the risk inherent in the manual system previously in place and paid for itself many times over in terms of senior management time saved. It has also enhanced and centralised the information available to management. We chose Offshore Payroll from a shortlist of three applications and are satisfied that we made the right decision for our business.'
David – Trust & Company Administration
'We have been delighted by the simple efficiency of Offshore Payroll. The support at implementation and the ability to adapt the system to our own preferences have been impressive. We appreciate having a single reference point for our HR data and the straight through processing to our payments system.'
Alan – Banking
Offshore Payroll was recommended by our accountants.

The programme has been professionally created and made user friendly by the developers, who I consider to be enthusiastic and confident with their software package. The product on its own is excellent but having the team at the end of a telephone (and internet), when required, is certainly for me a big added bonus.

If you are reading this you are obviously considering Offshore Payroll, all I can add is "Go for it, you won't be disappointed"'
Peter – Transport
'Payroll has never been quicker and easier, and with the superb backup given by the team even a computer illiterate like me soon became an expert.'
Pat – Manufacturing
'We have Offshore Payroll since the 1st December 2005 and in that time I have found that the support and help from Offshore Payroll Limited has been excellent.

I would also like to state that the OP system is very user friendly and has helped us immensely by providing payroll information etc, which is department specific, which sadly, the previous package failed to deliver.

So to sum up I would recommend any company, who are considering changing their payroll provider to change to Offshore Payroll, and I can guarantee them that you will not be disappointed.'

Andrew – Retail
'We have utilised Offshore Payroll since the beginning of 2006. We have found its processes to be straight forward to use and its reporting suite to be most helpful. The support we received in implementing the system and training our staff, and indeed in addressing any requests that have arisen since, has been responsive and effective - much appreciated.'
Mike – Accountancy
'I administer five companies across Guernsey and Jersey with Offshore Payroll and we interface electronically to the authorities, banking systems and our accounts package. We have found the reporting to be both flexible and powerful which enables swift and effective management decision making. Significant savings have been made in both time and effort - it's a pleasure to run a professional piece of software which actually works.'
Dave – Finance & Insurance
'Over the years we have used several payroll and personnel systems and have now been using Offshore Payroll for the last year. We have found the system to be user friendly, flexible to our needs as they change, and most importantly, accurate and reliable. We certainly wouldn't want to be without it now!'
Linda – Retail
'Offshore Payroll has streamlined our internal administration by collating all the payroll and personnel data into just one place. We have also seen an improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of our payroll bureau operation as Offshore Payroll is extremely customisable and has allowed us to deliver the client their information in the way they want.'
Richard – Accountancy
'Although I was not with the company during the period of consultation, I feel Offshore Payroll has more than fulfilled our requirements and expectations and are happy to confirm that the level of support and service provided has been quite superb.'
Kevin – Trust & Company Administration