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Offshore Payroll + HR

Offshore Payroll currently processes all aspects of payroll for Guernsey and Jersey and will soon include jurisdictions like Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, etc. Offshore Payroll specialises in areas that have their own tax and insurance rules.

Offshore Payroll+ includes Personnel, where additional data like Training, Sickness, Holidays, Professional Qualification, Next of Kin, Assets held, Appraisals and much more can be recorded.

The system is built on a relational database with a very user friendly Windows interface. The philosophy behind the system is to give the User power, whether they are running a simple installation or a more complex one requiring multi-departmental analysis. A new installation of Offshore Payroll comes with a complete template and can be quickly customised to a company's requirements.

Offshore Payroll is 'Date Effective Driven' so you can enter information before the system requires it. This increases accuracy and reduces the time spent administering a payroll.

Main features include: Offshore Payroll Demo (opens in a new window)

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